• Meet IPMI 2.0 SPEC.
  • IPMI Over LAN
  • Serial Over LAN
Meet IPMI 2.0 SPEC. Yes
Serial Over LAN Yes
Sensor monitoring of temperature, voltage, fan, and power Yes
FRU Device Yes
SDR Device Yes
SEL Device Yes
Remote power control to power-on, power-off, reset, power-cycle and power ACPI off Yes
Dedicated LAN Interface/NCSI Yes
KCS Interface Yes
PMBus support Yes
SNMP Trap Yes
Email Alerting Yes
Platform Event Filtering Yes
Remote firmware update IPMI FW Yes
Remote firmware update BIOS FW Yes (Default is disable)
Remote firmware update CPLD FW Yes (Default is disable)
Extended security algorithms and cipher suites support Yes
Web-based User Interface with security Yes
FW image format of HPM/BIN Yes
Extended SEL storage in SD card Yes (Default is disable)
PECI over IPMI Yes
Forced changing default password on first login (enhance security) Yes