CASwell and FiduciaEdge Unveil Secure Edge Computing Platform at Embedded World 2024

2024/4/10 – With the widespread application of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), device security will be a primary concern for all parties. FiduciaEdge Technologies, in strategic collaboration with CASwell, jointly unveil their latest product, Secure Edge Computing Platform, at the Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany, from April 9th to 11th. Embedded World is a leading international exhibition and conference for embedded systems and technologies.

The Secure Edge Computing total solution launched by FiduciaEdge and CASwell as shown at Embedded World 2024

Secure Edge Computing Platform is fully compliant with Cloud Native Computing (CNCF) standards, empowering seamless collaboration between hardware devices and third-party cloud-native applications. It enables executing complex computational tasks on network edges safely through FiduciaEdge’s core technology, Trusted Rich Execution Environments (T-REE). The platform ensures the overall trustworthiness for applications and digital assets during computation, transmission, and storage. It enhances security levels from secure boot, measured boot and sealed disk storage design. Based on Zero Trust, it implements fine-grain access control to protect user data privacy and the confidentiality and integrity of applications run on it. Integrated with CASwell’s IT security devices like the CAR-4070 and the CAR-5060 rackmount systems, the OT security device CAF-026F, and the edge computing device CAD-0261, it offers customers a secure and reliable one-stop solution. Choose CASwell and FiduciaEdge – where innovation meets security!

Key Features:

  • Integration across CASwell’s multiple hardware solutions: Ensures confidentiality and integrity during transmission, storage, and usage, providing a secure and reliable total solution.
  • Fully Cloud Native Computing (CNCF) Compliance: Seamlessly collaborate with the cloud-native applications, flexible fit in various edge computing scenarios.
  • System-level information isolation among Trusted Rich Execution Environments (T-REE): GDPR compliance, protects your digital assets (user data privacy and applications confidentiality).
  • Capability-based access control: Enforces fine-grain access control for information exchange.
  • Secure system boot and measured middleware boot: Ensures system security and defends against malicious attacks.

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