Deeply Devoted Attitude

All CASwell staff members are actively committed to developing and sustaining the Company’s leadership position in the field of innovative technology, manufacturing excellence, comprehensive global logistics services, and fruitful collaboration with customers. At the same time, all CASwell employees are passionate about their work and greatly enjoy solving the problems they are presented with. The results of working with our CASwell staff will exceed your wildest expectations if you are willing to explore new paths.

Time-to-market Product and Technology Development

We implement brand-new solutions for our customers in a more time-to-market and flexible manner and provide them with top-quality products and devices by relying on our profound experience in the field of networking solution design and development, the cutting-edge technologies of our independent R&D team, and our close cooperative relations with Intel and our industry partners.

Customer Service Flexibility

In contrast to many manufacturers and competitors who are only able to provide the first three layers of network and communication technologies and structures, CASwell offers its customers a wider range of functionality. For instance, transportation functions are already integrated in its highly professional projects and solutions. This increases the reliability of our software and facilitates more intimate cooperation and optimized support for our customers.