CASwell Secure Edge Computing Platform with FiduciaEdge

CASwell Secure Edge Computing Platform with FiduciaEdge

CASwell’s partner company FiduciaEdge Technologies provides trusted computing solutions designed for edge computing nodes. Their flagship product, FiduciaEdge Computing Platform (fECP), is a software-based security solution that helps to protect user data and computer programs, including AI algorithms and AI models, from unauthorized access and manipulation. FiduciaEdge Computing Platform is based on FiduciaEdge’s patented Trusted Rich Execution Environment (T-REE) technology, which establishes secure computing environments on distributed edge nodes to protect critical applications running on their CPU/GPU/NPU/FPGA-based mixed computing platforms by strictly separating individual computing processes.

FiduciaEdge Computing Platform (fECP) can be used in various edge computing applications, including smart factories, smart cities, and connected healthcare. In these applications, fECP can help to protect sensitive user data, such as customer information and financial data, in compliance with data privacy protection laws; it can also help to protect the confidentiality and integrity of computer programs, including AI programs and AI models, which are crucial in assuring the correctness of the computing results and the secrecy of the proprietary software.

Superior features of an open platform

Advantages and benefits of FiduciaEdge’s edge computing platform:

  • Increased security: fECP can help to protect user data and computer programs, including AI algorithms and AI models, from unauthorized access and manipulation.
    Improved performance: fECP can help to improve the performance of edge computing applications by offloading security-critical tasks to multiple T-REEs.
  • Reduced costs: fECP can help to enhance the scalability and the cost-effectiveness of security protection by deploying T-REE dynamically across multiple edge devices.

In addition, FiduciaEdge Computing Platform is highly interoperable, so it can be integrated with different cloud-native and edge computing systems including Kubernetes and Podman. The platform can run Docker and OCI compatible software containers as well as virtual machine images.

CASwell’s Recommendations for FiduciaEdge

FiduciaEdge’s Edge Computing Platform is trustworthy, scalable, highly interoperable, and over-the-air deployable, making it a great choice for a wide range of businesses, that are looking for solutions based on CASwell systems like these:

  • CAR-4070: 1U System Based On Intel Raptor Lake/Alder Lake For Networking And Cybersecurity Solutions
  • CAF-026F: Fanless Cost-Effective Desktop Network Appliance With 4 Ethernet Ports
  • CAD-026J: Intel Atom C-Series (Denverton-NS) Desktop Network Appliance For Multi-Networking

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