CASwell launches CAF-026F, the Best Cost-effective Fanless Network System for SD-WAN and Security Solutions

Most affordable network appliance based on Intel Atom Processor C-Series for SMB and branch offices

2023/09/19 – CASwell, a leading manufacturer of innovative and multipurpose SD-WAN (uCPE/vCPE) and network systems, releases its most cost-effective fanless network device. The CAF-026F is based on Intel’s well-established and proven Atom Processor C-Series, supporting Intel QAT to significantly accelerate encryption and decryption. This compact desktop appliance is ideal as an SD-WAN or cybersecurity solution in small to medium-sized organizations or enterprise branch offices without breaking the bank, even when deployed in large numbers.

If used as a security solution like UTM (unified threat management) or NGFW (next-generation firewall), the CAF-026F can protect company networks from cyberattacks, while also serving as a secure SD-WAN solution in a compact form factor to provide fast and reliable networking for remote branch locations. With four Gigabit Ethernet ports, the CAF-026F provides sufficient network connections for such a small form factor and the fanless design ensures quiet operation, especially important when used inside an office workplace.

The CAF-026F utilizes Intel’s Atom Processor C-Series with either four or two cores (Denverton-NS Refresh), allowing customers to choose based on their preferences. Particularly crucial for numerous industries is Intel Quick Assist Technology (QAT) included in these System-on-Chips. This technology is essential as it enables fast secure data collection at the network edge and transmission to the cloud, ensuring that information remains protected from unauthorized access when used beyond corporate firewalls. Devices like the CAF-026F that support QAT experience encryption and decryption speeds more than ten times faster compared to those without QAT.

The device can be equipped with up to 32 GB of DDR4 SO-DIMM main memory, optional with ECC. The CAF-026F uses a SATA 3.0 connector onboard for a common solid state or hard drive to provide operating system and software. For additional storage, the system offers one microSD card slot. The optional Trusted Platform Module is supported with a TPM 2.0 header onboard.


The CASwell CAF-026F is a highly economical, small-sized, and silent device designed to cater to cybersecurity and SD-WAN needs. It targets small to mid-sized businesses or remote branch offices of larger corporations that seek to safeguard their networks from malicious entities and create a secure and adaptable software-defined network. Customers can easily customize the device according to their requirements, and samples for customer evaluation are available now.

Please contact your local CASwell representative or sales for any question.

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