CASwell CAR-6010 – World’s First 400 Gbit/S Ethernet 1U Networking Appliance

Highly Scalable High-End Rackmount White Box Based On Intel Xeon-SP Platform With Unique And Flexible Network Design

01/17/2019 – CASwell, a leading manufacturer of innovative uCPE/vCPE network systems, is thrilled to reveal the CAR-6010 rackmount appliance with its unique and extremely flexible network configurations providing Ethernet bandwidth of up to 400 Gbit/s.

The CASwell CAR-6010 appliance stands above the competition with its highly scalable network design specially developed by CASwell. The device offers four identical slots for network modules, each one connected by PCI Express 3.0 x16 for maximum bandwidth. That not only gives the customer a myriad of options – from network adapters with eight 1-Gigabit-Ethernet connectors up to modules with just two ports but providing 100-GbE – it also offers to scale from just two or four network ports up to a maximum of 34 Ethernet connections overall.

This is made possible by the uniquely designed PCI Express 3.0 configuration because the network modules (NIP) can be either PCIe x8 or PCIe x16 – they fit in the same slot and provide more bandwidth with their PCIe x16 support instead of the common PCIe x8 usage. Equipped with four NIP-88010, each offering 100-GbE, the CASwell CAR-6010 delivers the enormous bandwidth of 400 Gigabit-Ethernet overall.

But the networking configuration is not the only scalable feature of the CAR-6010. This network appliance can currently be equipped with two Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Skylake-SP) of the Xeon Gold, Silver and Bronze series with up to 20 CPU cores but can also be upgraded to the new “Cascade Lake-SP” generation once available. This gives customers the option to combine their new platform with “Apache Pass” modules, the newest “Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory” based on flash technology for even higher capacities at great value in the system’s DIMM slots that were usually reserved exclusively for DDR4.

The processors of the CAR-6010 can be combined with up to eight DDR4 RDIMM modules with maximum speeds of 2666 Mhz for an overall main memory of up to 256 GByte. Two common redundant power supply units (CRPS) of 750 watts each provide the appliance with permanent electricity even in case of one failure while also being energy-efficient to save cost when the device is mostly idle. The CAR-6010 also offers the option to be equipped with an LC monitor in the front panel to display status information and system messages for easy maintenance.

The soon to be available CASwell CAR-6010 is the ideal solution for most industry sectors in need of a scalable high-speed networking device and can be equipped according to almost every customer need and requirement.

Please contact your local CASwell representative or sales for any questions!

UPDATE 2019-01-22: The official CPU support list has more than doubled with more compatible and qualified processor models. This release and the corresponding web pages have been updated accordingly.

More information about the CASwell CAR-6010 can be found here.