CASwell Members And Welfare Association Team Up To Support Children In Need

Supplying Food For Nurseries And Foster Families With 800 Or More Small Kids

2022/2/22 – CASwell is very familiar with the computer and electronics industry’s supply chain – as a company even part of it. Last Christmas, however, a group of CASwell employees were part of a very different supply chain and for good cause. A number of volunteers from different CASwell departments worked together on behalf of the welfare organization Greenbox Taiwan to support the preparation and distribution of food for small children and families in need.

On Christmas Eve 2021 the CASwell employees took time off their busy schedules and joined Greenbox to assist with the packaging of fruits. Every month the welfare association organizes more than 6000 kilograms of fruit and distributes it among 40 nurseries and two foster families. That way at least 800 small children can enjoy fresh fruit and get healthy nutrients.

CASwell employees regularly help out welfare organizations as part of their and CASwell’s social care mindset. This kind of devotion and dedication is what CASwell is all about.

More information about CASwell’s corporate governance and social care activities can be found here: