CASwell Inc. Announces Acquisition Of German Hub And Logistics Company Apligo GmbH

New Partner In Europe To Further Strengthen Global Market Position

CASwell Inc. Announces Acquisition Of German Hub And Logistics Company Apligo GmbH

07/29/2019 – CASwell Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-performance server solutions for SD-WAN (uCPE/vCPE) and network security systems, announced today that Apligo GmbH has officially become part of CASwell’s family after more than ten years of successful cooperation. The planned merger of business operations is the next step to a perfect synergy for providing comprehensive and front-to-end solutions to the networking and industrial IoT market.

Apligo GmbH, founded in 1999 as timeNet GmbH, is a leading specialist in the production of OEM appliances and offer a full range of required logistics services as well as modular services, from production to warehousing and delivery, all the way up to support and RMA management.

For more than ten years, Apligo have been offering comprehensive services for the manufacturing of cyber-security devices, network monitoring appliances as well as innovative products from software vendors such as UTM, VoIP, SD-WAN, uCPE, M2M and archiving. Additionally, Apligo focuses on quick delivery of marketable OEM appliances and performs other services such as warranty management, repair and refurbishing. Apligo offers everything customers need for successful appliance management: flexibility, availability, reliability and expertise.

“The acquisition of Apligo is an exciting opportunity for CASwell to strengthen and expand its global service offerings in cybersecurity and communication markets, especially for firewall, UTM, SD-WAN and universal CPE applications”, explains Reaforl Hong, CEO of CASwell.

Global Market Position
With this cooperation, CASwell has enforced and completed global sales resources as well as service levels in Europe. The acquisition of Apligo strengthens CASwell’s market position in Europe to meet future requirements. This positive migration will open a new and beneficial chapter for CASwell and Apligo.

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More information about Apligo can be found at the company website: