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NAS Solution: Improvement In Medical Organization Infrastructure To Provide Security And Improve Patient Care


Possessing a comprehensive, efficient medial information system is vital in the medical field. This allows medical staff to make timely and accurate decisions in order to provide the best service and satisfaction to their patients. Having a dependable system in place that can provide the stability and security necessary for medical organizations is vital. With Thecus NAS, IT administrators are given the ideal tool to support their network infrastructure and empower its medical staff with a robust information system.

Total Security Solution

AES 256-bit encryption which is offered on Thecus NAS provides robust security. Access control rights and authentication ensure that sensitive medical data is obtained by only the appropriate and authorized individuals and all activity can be monitored. Protection against outside security threats such as Antivirus and Access Guard are also offered on Thecus NAS.

Cross Platform File Sharing

Exchange of data in the medical field is extremely important. Thecus NAS support numerous network and file sharing protocols including SMB/CIFS, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, NFSv4 and AFP. Additionally, Thecus supports the most important client OS like Windows, Unix and MacOS and access even through Android and iOS.

Cost Efficient With Great Scalability

Thecus iSCSI NAS servers allow users to create iSCSI target volumes and whenever the need arises to expand storage capacity, up to 5 Thecus NAS devices can be stacked together using the built-in iSCSI initiator. Furthermore, with use of Scale-Out, businesses can avoid costly revamps from scratch to their data centers by simply adding additional NAS devices. The initial expenditure can be more modest, as management will not have to purchase a large new unit while minimizing any disruptions through the upgrade process. With more foreseeable cash flows for data storage expansion, business can utilize freed up cash for other critical business projects and prioritize expenditures more flexibly.

Suggested Solutions

Thecus recommends the N5810PRO for one doctor’s offices or a small to medium sized clinic because of it’s unique UPS for data safety in case of a power outage. This NAS prevents data loss even in worst case scenarios and a RAID configuration with five HDDs provides fast access to medical records for the clinic’s employees while at the same time keeping the data safe by storing it on multiple drives. Larger hospitals or rehab centers are recommended to deploy powerful Thecus rackmount NAS like the N8910 or the N16910SAS for much higher capacities and blazing access speeds while always available 24/7 and kept safe with their redundant power supplies.

Recommended Products