CASwell Launches High Availability Network Appliance CAR-5050 With Intel Purley Platform

High-End Server-Grade & Carrier-Grade Network

06/14/2017 – The CAR-5050, a successor of CASwell’s DPDK-ready flagship network computing platform and powered by dual Intel® Xeon® processor family (codenamed Skylake-SP) and the Intel® C620 series chipset (codenamed Lewisburg), featuring with 14nm architecture, DDR4 Apache Pass support and built-in FPGA design.

The new generation of Intel® Skylake-SP processors greatly improved hardware performance, bandwidth, CPU and power efficiency, with these benefits CAR-5050 fits into ideal solutions for tasks that require optimized instructions for communications workloads and enhanced packet processing capabilities, such as high-performance network security, enterprise firewall, UTM, IPS, application delivery controller and WAN optimization.

The CAR-5050 is equipped with 6 CASwell proprietary NIC modules (PCIe3.0 x 16 design), capable of supporting up to 48 x 10GbE ports plus an additional vertical NIC modules with PCIe x 8 design; also notable is that a maximum of sixteen quad-channel 2133/2400 MHz DDR4 memory with capacity up to 512GB.

Learn more about the CASwell CAR-5050.