CASwell CAR-3080 Now Available As Intel® Select Solution For UCPE With ADVA Ensemble Connector

Highly Scalable, Top-Performing Rackmount System Based On Intel® Xeon® D-2166NT Processor For The Optimal NFVi Solution

03/03/2020 – CASwell, a leading manufacturer of innovative and high-performance uCPE/vCPE and SDN/NFV systems, is proud to announce that its successful CAR-3080 high-end 1U rackmount system is now available as Intel® Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector, one of the most popular network virtualization software stacks. The combination of proven, well-established hardware and pre-configured NFVi solution with officially verified high-end performance makes this network solution ready and easy to deploy for communication service providers (CoSPs) and other industry sectors.

The CASwell CAR-3080 rackmount appliance was developed for high-end computing with multiple virtual network functionality and software-defined networking. As an Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector, the CASwell CAR-3080 brings the powerful performance of the Intel® Xeon® D-2166NT processor not just to the network edge or to customer premises but also to the gateway between network clouds and even to the data center – whereever network function virtualization is needed.

The CASwell CAR-3080 verified as Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector is based on the IntelXeon D-2166NT processor with 12 CPU cores supporting Hyper-Threading for 24 parallel threads, 32 GB DDR4 main memory on four 8GB DIMMs and upgradable to 128 GB, Intel® SSD DC with 480 GB and four 10-Gbit Ethernet ports over Intel® X722 Dual-NIC. Additionally, the system can be equipped with CASwell’s own NIP network modules to provide up to 40 Ethernet ports with up to 100 Gbit/s data transfer speeds.

The Intel Xeon D-2166NT processor comes with integrated Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT). Intel QAT accelerates encrypted data traffic in a secure network, reduces overall data size and lowers storage demands by speeding real-time compression while at the same time offloading the CPU of some of the processing workloads.

ADVA Ensemble Connector is one of the most popular NFVI software solutions for uCPE applications and a family of high-performance software applications that enables CoSPs to provide the virtual networking and virtual hosting functionality everywhere it’s required. It enhances a standard Linux/KVM/OpenStack environment with an accelerated vSwitch, Carrier Ethernet and select Layer 3 functionality as well as carrier-class manageability and operationalization features. Ensemble Connector currently uses Docker containers to implement the embedded cloud feature but also supports standard Linux containers (LXC).

Communications service providers know that virtualizing their network is key to enabling service revenue growth and operational agility. CoSPs virtualizing their network need an enablement platform that provides high-throughput data path performance. They need a solution that scales from small-footprint, edge applications to high-density, data center use cases. They need a solution that solves their OpenStack operational concerns and makes OpenStack easily deployable in a distributed Telco environment. Moreover, they need a solution that’s ready to deploy with guaranteed performance, protecting their investments and providing virtual networking functions on proven high-end hardware. They need the CASwell CAR-3080 as a verified Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector.

Having our CAR-3080 officially verified as an Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector by both our close partner Intel as well as ADVA Optical Networking themselves proves our commitment to providing the best networking solutions for our customers and the market looking for scalable and versatile high-performance network edge systems“, says Reaforl Hung, president of CASwell.

We’re pleased to announce our successful collaboration with CASwell. The CASwell CAR-3080 is now verified as part of the Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector family,” added Prayson Pate, CTO, Edge Cloud, ADVA. “Together, CASwell and ADVA can provide service provider customers with a pre-integrated and high-performance solution to power their edge virtualization strategy.

The CASwell CAR-3080 as a verified Intel Select Solution for uCPE with ADVA Ensemble Connector is now available.

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