CASwell Announces CAF-0265 With Brand New Intel AnyWAN GRX750 SoC

High Reliability And Quiet Fanless Design For Integrated WiFi And 4G/LTE Networking

07/04/2018 – CASwell has announced its new CAF-0265 fanless desktop appliance prepared for any wireless connection a company needs. This network device is built for high reliability and based on the brand new Intel AnyWAN GRX750 System-on-Chip which includes an Atom dual-core processor (Cougar Mountain architecture), 2 GByte of DDDR3L main memory and 4 GByte of eMMC Flash storage onboard.

For more storage space there’s a SATA 3.0 connector for a 2.5″ SSD or HDD available if needed. Also optional and depending on customer requirements are 802.11ac/b/g/n WiFi and 4G/LTE modules for up to 450 Mbit/s Download and 50 Mbit/s Upload over mobile connections. This is supported by an external SIM card slot and up to four antennas.

The CASwell CAF-0265 and the highly flexible Intel AnyWAN GRX750 also support Intel Universal Gateway (UGW) based on OpenWrt to route and optimize network traffic. For cabled networking there are four Gigabit-Ethernet ports available supported by two GbE WAN ports. And as this network appliance is passively cooled, it won’t create any nuisance in even a quiet environment.

The CASwell CAF-0265 will be available in the third quarter of this year and can be equipped according to almost every customer need and networking requirement. Please contact your local CASwell representative for any questions!

Learn more about the CASwell CAF-0265.