CASwell Announces CAD-0263 Desktop Appliance Based On Intel Denverton Platform With Up To 8 CPU Cores

Wireless Communication White Box Supporting Intel QAT, 10-Gbit-Ethernet And WiFi And Cellular Connectivity

08/01/2018 – CASwell has launched its new CAD-0263 desktop appliance using the highly flexible and attractively priced Intel Denverton NS platform for network solutions that can handle a lot of traffic and need to be able to offer a variety of connections. The CAD-0263 supports Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) to increase performance and efficiency of tasks for security, authentification and compression. Intel QAT is important and helpful for this device as it can be equipped with extremely fast 10-Gigabit-Ethernet for local networking plus WiFi and even LTE modules for wireless and cellular connectivity.

The CAD-0263 is based on Intel Atom C3000 processors like the Atom C3758 with eight cores that also supports high-speed DDR4-2400 ECC SO-DIMM main memory. For wired networking the device can be equipped with two SFP+ 10-GbE ports and six RJ-45 GbE ports with optional Bypass functionality in case of network failure. For wireless connections there is one mPCIe port onboard for a WiFi module, one M.2 socket for a LTE module plus SIM card and two anntennas each for both mobile connections. A “Trusted Platform Module” (TPM) for encryption, authentification and digital rights management is also available for the CAD-0263 and the whole system can be monitored by the “Intelligent Platform Management Interface” (IPMI 2.0).

At an even more attractive price point the CAD-0263 can also be equipped with an Intel Atom C3558 quad-core processor and DDR4-2133 RAM if networking requirements are slightly less demanding.

One of the most beneficial features of the CAD-0263 is Intel QuickAssist Technology integrated in the Denverton platform. QAT not only gives this device significantly more performance by accelerating encrypted data traffic in a secure network but also reducing overall data size and lowering storage demands by faster real-time compression while at the same time relieving the CPU of some of the processing workloads.

The CASwell CAD-0263 will be available soon and can be equipped according to almost every customer need and networking requirement. Please contact your local CASwell representative or sales for any questions!

Learn more about the CASwell CAD-0263.