CASwell Empowering The Banking And Finance Industry

NAS Solution: Helping Banks And Financial Institutions To Securely Manage And Share Sensitive Data


The banking industry has been revolutionized by the changes made by the expansion of digital data. More and more banking services are being provided online and the demand for these services are rapidly growing. Everyday transactions, savings account management, retirement plans, and stock activities can all be conducted via online services. This data is vital to society as a whole and ensuring its properly stored is essential. Thecus NAS provide a comprehensive set of storage solutions ideal for the banking and finance industry.

Massive Storage Capacity

Thecus NAS are available with up to 16 bays and compatible with HDDs of up to 12 TB each. Users can utilize the Daisy-Chaining technology to cost effectively increase their storage volume while maintaining optimal performance. This allows for up to 960 TB of data capacity.

Rock Solid Data Security

Bundled free antivirus software prevents malware from corrupting data stored on Thecus NAS. High-level AES 256bit RAID Volume Encryption prevents access with a USB drive containing the encrypted key. To ensure secure file transmissions, Thecus NAS implement SFTP, HTTPS and SSL protocols. Lockable drive trays provide physical security to the important data.

System Redundancy

Thecus NAS provide High Availability for system redundancy. This means that if for any reason one system were to go down, the other will immediately pick up where it left off. This will ensure that vital financial services are up and running at all times.

Suggested Solutions

To handle high operation demands and high capacity needs, Thecus offers the N16910SAS not just for large storage space but also for easy and fast network access through link aggregation by combining multiple Ethernet ports and benefitting from its advanced hardware with Intel Xeon quad-core processor and 16 GB of system memory.

For even faster data access and real-time transactions like stock trading, Thecus provides the brand new All-Flash Array network storage solutions. Thecus LightningPRO SE300 and SC180 are based on flash memory for top-tier productivity and are able to handle the most business-critical applications.

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